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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Most Compelling Reason One Should Seriously Consider Becoming Self Employed From Home Today!

My biology teacher many decades ago shared a story about how a bull frogs nervous system works much like a humans. At first I thought he was just spewing usual teaching speak then I suddenly got what he was pointing at and realized I was acting out an example of what he was teaching.

The lesson went like this....

Most amphibians  of which frogs are a part of the species of, are designed to notice anything that suddenly changes in it's environment, and at lightening speed sort out whether it is friend, foe or prey and take appropriate action.

If you take a frog and place it into a room temperature beaker of water it will sit there quite comfortably. Take that same beaker and place it containing the frog over a very low heat source and gradually raise the waters temperature, because the frogs nervous system is designed to notice sudden changes and not so much gradual changes, it will literally not begin to struggle if at all to get out before the water becomes dangerously or even fatally hot!

We humans tend to operate the same way when it comes to insidious or gradual changes like the signs of what we are told is aging when it's really being poorly nourished and rusting due to lack of use. We also do the same when it comes to emerging trends in our lives be it changing fashions, ways of thinking, or economic forces and patterns.

The following video illustrates the most compelling illustration I have yet to see for becoming Self Employed from Home or via ones mobile phone I have seen. Watch it beginning to end then tell me how it impacted you and what you are going to do in light of the information and realizations you've had from seeing it.

I am including a link back to the master page which which takes you to my main Income Stream that can take anyone out the loop that this video depicts in a matter of weeks to months depending on how fast you implement all that we walk you through to set up shop on the web painlessly:

Erskien Lenier

PS: For those that wonder where automation and mankind is going?

That questions answer is purely predicated to what you and I choose to do to steer the direction of our species. Our choices are clear.... either we are headed towards Chaos and more pain than any generation before us or this something like.... 

More info on Resource Based Economy....

Remember to get started on your Self Employment journey today.... I will help you get up to speed fast - hands on... let me know your "IN" :-)

Robin Williams was a Failure or a Success?

This will probably be my most controversial post to date in light of Robin Williams having committed suicide and the air waves still being saturated with tears over that.

Erskien Lenier

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

GDI or Global Domains International - A Dirt Cheap Way to Have a Home Business

Most of you don't realize it but I have multiple income streams from home. 

It's so easy and cheap to start, ramp up and begin getting paid via the Internet that once you learn how to attract targeted traffic that's already looking for a viable home business the rest is a matter of automating traffic getting as much as possible to create a growing, walk or run away income stream that self regenerates every month. 

This one is for those with no money to invest to start up and less than 30 cents a day to sustain is manageable. 

The income upside is that you can actually build a 6 Figure Income out of just that much if your teachable and are willing to be fairly consistent at applying what I share with you on Simplified Free Traffic Getting so others can have an opportunity to see what you're about to see and make a decision to join Your Network. 

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 Erskien Lenier Barefoot Ultra Runner and Home Income Coach
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